They are failing to generate new customers.
They are failing to connect with their existing customers.
They are failing to keep up.
An online presence is more important now then ever before.
And it will become more important in the future

BTW – Today is the future

You can't expect every local business to:

Keep up with technology
Understand social networks
Know about mobile sites
Know how mobile apps can help their businesses
Understand SEO
Manage their citations
Know their online reputation
Be able to manage Google+, Facebook and Twitter
Keep up with a whole raft of “new technologies”.

In most cases they don't even want to...

But if they don't, they will be shooting themselves in the foot.

If their competitors get on top of their online presence (and they will) they will be the ones getting all the customers with everyone else going to the wall.

Just look at mobile alone. Mobile and Local business are inextricably linked.

Think about it! If you have any success online do you do all the work?

Of course you don't. You outsource everything you can so you can focus on growing your business.

Well that's what real businessmen do!

I can tell you there are millions of real businessmen (and women) running real world businesses that will snap your arm off for some real help.
Most local businesses probably realise they need help but they don't know what to do. They don't know how to get it and they are probably worried about being completely screwed by some nefarious internet fraudster who will lead them up the garden path and steal all their money.
Now I know you probably have the SEO skills (or can buy them in) and you know how to set up Google+, Twitter, Facebook. Mobile sites and even WordPress sites (or know how to find the training needed to do those tasks or outsource them. HINT

And you know it's getting tougher to compete online even with your skills.

If you could find local businesses that need your help, do you think you could give them that help?

Would you be happy to do that for a healthy cheque or even a monthly recurring fee?

Yes, many local businesses will pay a monthly recurring fee for you keep on top of the stuff they just can't do and frankly don't want to do.


OK, here's the good news

We having been working tirelessly with a database of millions of local businesses.This database has it all.

Taxis, Plumbers, Dentists, Exterminators, Electricians, Car Mechanics, Lawyers, Grocery Stores, Wedding Shops every kind of business you could imagine.

Pretty Cool Right?

My partner Anthoni and I have been working flat out for the last few months to put together a ultra simple interface so that you can access this database.

Even better than that, this software makes it ultra simple for you to find out everything about those businesses.

By default we give you the business name and address of course with telephone contact number and email if they have one. But our system goes one step further and checks that they have a web site and matching Facebook and Twitter accounts. It checks to see if they have a Google+ local page. You can export all the data to CSV.

Hey, you can even see their location on Google Maps and checkout the street view to see exactly where your prospective clients are and how you can physically find them.

By making it ultra simple to checkout their web site, Google+ etc. means you will know immediately if they need help.

I can tell you from experience that most local business websites are in dire need of help.  Often created by a well meaning friend or some “dodgy consultant” who started their own business simply because they worked out how to to use an html editor.

Many local sites may have been built in the last few years but plenty of them look like they were made in in the 1980's

It takes only a minute to scan through a dozen local websites of a particular trade or profession. It becomes blindingly obvious why some businesses may be flourishing while others are struggling.

You won't believe how many have let their domains expire!

So you can quickly be armed with all the information you need
to build up a massive list of local business prospects.

All fully qualified so that you don't need to even waste time trying to chase businesses that are already on top of their online presence.

But for those that aren’t you will have all the ammunition and information you need to make that huge first impression.

Ok you have the leads but how do you engage your new prospects?

Great news! We have that covered too.

First off you can use the stunning, fully repsonsive, Local Business Consultants web site as your portal for all your new prospects.

To get even more leads and have prospecst knocking on your door we have included an ebook that can be downloaded by site vistors to entice them to your services. You can edit the ebook with your own links to get a steady stream of super hot prospects.

However the best feature of this website is the built in business site reporting tool.

Your prospects can produce free reports for their own businesses checking Google local and organic rankings and checking their citations in the top directories. This is a real lead magnet.

What's even cooler is that Lead Finder Local Software integrates right into the reporter allowing you to create reports for any qualified leads you find right from inside LFL. See excatly how that works in the videos below

Take a look at what Lead Finder Local
can do in the demo below

See How Local Lead Finder Integrates
With The Website and the Reporter

You can stop worrying right now.

This is Tony Marriott & Anthoni Gardner here right?

If you haven't purchase any of our products before then feel free to check us out.

Our software is absolutely top notch,
Our support is legendary
Our prices for Warriors is always amazing value.

So what will you get exactly?

To ensure everyone can get what they want we are offering two options


Full package

A full Commercial Use licence to the Lead Finder Local Software

Access to Database of Millions of Local Businesses

Single One-Off Payment

No Monthly Fees

The exact local business consultancy website as shown in the demo link above, including the business reporter.


If you do not require the website and business reporter you can purchase the software only.

A full Commercial Use licence to the Lead Finder Local Software
Access to Database of Millions of Local Businesses
Single One-Off Payment
No Monthly Fees
Does NOT include website & reporter

You can buy Lead Finder Local with absolute confidence.
With zero risk as you are protected by our 

100% NQA
Money Back Guarantee

Last chanace to get this amazing package
at this amazing price.

The price goes up with every sale so you will never see it cheaper than it is now

Grab your full version
Lead Finder Local Software,
Website and Reporter
by clicking the buy button below

1. Lead Finder local is a Windows only desktop software. To run on a Mac you will need parallels or a similar windows emulator
2. If you want both the website and the software ensure you buy the right option.
3. The website is exactly the same as the demo above. The post content is PLR and the images are royalty free for commercial use. The site is a wordpress blog. The theme and all plugins used are distributed under a GPL licence.

4. The WordPress site comes in a zipped distibution file and requires installing on your own hosting.